This is an extremely difficult 20 question quiz, which covers production and details on both Within The Woods & The Evil Dead. There are no have-a-guess multiple choice tickboxes, only spaces for answers to be typed, you either know the answer or you don't. Spelling & punctuation don't matter but all answers need to be concise & exact, an answer is either right or wrong, and nowhere in between. All the answers are out there to be found, with many on this site, and some questions are easier than others, so have a go and see how you do.

  1. Within The Woods was shown theatrically in a cinema for a time on along with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where was this?

  2. Within The Woods & The Evil Dead both share a specific recognizable shooting location (shown on screen in both), what is that location, and where is it?

  3. Sam, Bruce & Rob decided shoot a short test picture to see if they could shoot Evil Dead on 8mm film and blow it up to 35mm for theatrical release. What was this test film called?

  4. Ashly Williams 'Ash' was so named because that's all that would be left by the dawn of that night of horror. Cheryl, Ash's tag-along sister, was also named in relation to her characters role in the film, why was she called this?

  5. The opening sequence of The Evil Dead gliding over the swamp was shot on land in Hartland, Michigan. Exterior shots of a different 16mm feature film were shot using that same location, what was it called?

  6. In the first few minutes of The Evil Dead Scotty & Shelly sing a few lines of a song together, what was the name of the band who originally performed it?

  7. During shooting of The Evil Dead, the cast & crew had a thanksgiving meal, at who's house was this?

  8. In The Evil Dead, the rooms in the cabin laid out exactly as shown in the film couldn't work in reality, why is this?

  9. In The Evil Dead featurette 'Book Of The Dead - The Lost Pages' on the Anchor Bay Ultimate Edition DVD, you see some raw footage showing all the pages of the book. Stuck in over two pages there is a latex cast of a hand. Who's hand was it?

  10. In the cellar sequence in which Ash retrieves the shotgun shells, blood pours out of the pipes, walls, sockets, and even a lightbulb. This is a direct homage to what?

  11. This is part of a quote by Bart Pierce; "...Saran wrap to cover a styrofoam cup, with fishing line attached to a construction staple, using a rubber band and string..." What does it describe?

  12. The Evil Dead features a magnifying glass necklace which Ash gives to Linda as a gift. What was the name of the store where the production bought this necklace, and what was it's function to be in the original shooting script?

  13. Although shot, the cockroaches in the meltdown sequence were omitted from the final edit of The Evil Dead as too extreme, but where did the production get the cockroaches?

  14. The 'force' chase ending to The Evil Dead isn't covered in the shooting script, and was thought up on set. Who's idea was it?

  15. Late in 1980, a four minute trailer was edited from the rough cut of the then titled Book Of The Dead, in order to raise more funding. Who provided the voice over?

  16. A specific font was used for The Evil Dead's main title along with the original Book of the Dead title (both before the text distortion effect was added), and some of the early promotional materials. That same font was also used in the theatrical trailer for the 2001 film Jeepers Creepers. What is the name of the font?

  17. Theresa Seyferth AKA Sarah York, had a quick one-shot cameo appearance in one Super-8 short film, which was it?

  18. Used In The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II, The cabin's clock was shown on screen in another feature film made between the two, What was it called?

  19. The reel to real tape recorder used in The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II was a Panasonic Solid State RQ-706S. To whom did it originally belong?

  20. A number of props from The Evil Dead are currently housed in Tom Sullivan's traveling Evil Dead museum, but the original Kandarian Dagger isn't among them. Where is it?

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