This is an interview conducted with Angela Featherstone over one phonecall; on June 29, 2011. She played Ash's love interest in the 'S-Mart' US theatrical ending of Army Of Darkness, and has since appeared in a list of subsequent film & TV roles including The Wedding Singer, Friends, Seinfeld, and The Twilight Zone.You can listen to the raw audio recording of the interview below, or read the edited & formatted transcription further down.

Angela has only recently come to the Sci-Fi & horror convention circuit and will be appearing at a number of US events later in the year, and possibly coming to the UK too.

Angela as Ash's love interest in the 'S-Mart' US theatrical ending of Army Of Darkness (1992)

Tell us a bit about your background prior to Army Of Darkness?  
What Background! That was that my first acting job, although I was an extra in a Polanski movie called Frantic shot in Paris in the 80's. And other than that, this was my first film.

Angela Featherstone; Gleh Garden Party
So how did you actually get the role?  
I had just arrived in Los Angeles to become an actor and had an audition for a film I couldn't do because I'm Canadian and I couldn't get my work papers ready in time, but the same casting director ended up bringing me in for Army Of Darkness and I got it.

So at what stage was the production in when you came on board?  
I guess it's all been a little bit vague, but I think they had Bridget Fonda, she had done most of the movie and I guess they needed her for the re-shoot and she couldn't do it and so they asked me to come in instead.

Do you have any particular memories of the shoot?  
Well, no anecdotes as such. This was really my first film and I was so focused. They were such a well oiled machine and Sam is so meticulous, there wasn't any room for play or fooling around. It probably cost a lot of money for those couple of days and everybody was just strictly business.

Later when I had to do A.D.R, the voice work you do in post production, Sam said I was the queen of scream which I like literally held so close to my heart and pretty much ate off for months after. At the beginning of my career I think I was living off literally diet cokes and sunflower seeds, and to have someone of his stature to refer to me as the queen of scream, that's everything.

How was your relationship was Bruce Campbell, did you get on well?  
Yes, but he was also already such an established star and here I was, some ostensibly 'girl' coming in to do this little scene. I was such a newbie but he was very friendly. He pretty much kept to himself for the most part.

Was there any talk about expanding your role beyond what's shown the film?  
No there was nothing additionally shot that you don't see in the film, and there was no talk about expanding my role because I think that they were pretty much done with the movie and I was just an add on, but I had always secretly hoped that would happen, but it's a bit late now!

You may be offered a role in Evil Dead 4?  
You never know, of course I would work with Sam again any day, any time. I sort of secretly have very much wished that he would have called on me again, just because I like working with auteur directors.

What was your experience working with Sam Raimi?  
Well I liked him a lot. I thought he was really neat. Like I said, I had no idea that he was as well known as he was, but I could just tell just being around him, that he was my kind of guy. He's very meticulous and he obviously knows so well whatever it is he knows. His style is unconventional, either you want Sam or you don't. I like people like that, people who are masters of their trade.

What were you thoughts seeing Army Of Darkness for the first time?  
When I saw the movie, it was a big deal because it was my very first premiere. I have many pictures that my uncle took of me next to the posters. There was a moment of occasion in that way. As far as the movie itself, once I had seen it, I understood what had happened a lot more and why I did the scenes I did. It got me my union card as well.

Angela with Bruce in Army Of Darkness (1992)  

The final shot of Army Of Darkness (1992)

Did you know that there were two endings, the another one was more apocalyptic. Have you seen that?  
No, no I didn't know that.

The apocalyptic ending, ash oversleeps

Emerges from his cave, in the future

Realizing he's slept too long

Had you seen The Evil Dead or Evil Dead II before taking on Army Of Darkness?  
I'm not sure I've ever seen The Evil Dead or Evil Dead II, I may have at some point a really long time ago but I won't say I'm a fan and couldn't tell you anything, although I did see Darkman and liked that one a lot. I had no idea of the magnitude of the characters and what my whole scene meant, and I just showed up and did what I was told, and only came to understand it more later. I don't pay too much attention to things like pop culture, but at that time I particularly didn't because I had literally just come to Los Angeles and was like running around doing everything I could to get a job. I had no money to go to a film. I just was a bit of a recluse who was really happy to show up and work with these fun people that night.

Angela in the Wedding Singer (1998)  

Angela & David Schwimmer in Friends (1997)
Are you still in contact with anyone who was involved in production?  
I was friends with Sam's brother Ted for quite a while but I have not seen anyone lately.

Now you're coming on to the convention circuit in the U.S and possibly U.K. Were you aware of the cult following the film had?  
Oh Yeah. I've been aware of it. I've always wondered why nobody as asked me because I've done Army Of Darkness and I did a movie called Dark Angel: The Ascent that also had quite a following. I have a friend whose name is Dean Haglund, he was one of The Lone Gunmen in The X-Files movie & show. He's always done these conventions and we're both from Winnipeg, Canada. He always used to bug me and tell me nothing I had ever done would warrant somebody wanting my autograph!

I gather Army Of Darkness is a really big draw, but in conjunction with that I did play a couple of roles that were memorable; the bitch in The Wedding Singer, I was in a show called Friends where I broke up Ross and Rachel, that character is also well known. Anyway about April of this year my agent Scott called and asked if I'd be interested, but the short answer is no one has ever asked.

Do you have any convention appearances set in stone?  
I do. I have three; Theatre Chiller, Comikaze and Horrorhound