This is the links section of the site. Just below you can check out preservations of old sites & individual webpages pages hosted on this site's servers. Further down this page you can see links to other Evil Dead and horror related websites currently online around on the internet.

Old Website Mirrors

The websites below are no longer online, but have been saved and re-hosted here simply for posterity. Some were saved from the internet at the time by myself & Canadian fan Patrick Soucy, some are still online but have changed significantly, and others were donated to the site courtesy of their former webmasters to be preserved here. Not all of the pages, images & links will be working, but they are as complete as they can be. If you're a former webmaster and want your ex-site hosted & preserved here for future fans to enjoy, then email .

Daniel G. Araujo's Blog Site Hosted Backup (2002 to 2003)
- Saved from internet, been offline years, downloads don't work -

DarkAgeProductions.com Hosted Backup (11/03/09)
- Saved from internet, offline, domain now owned by someone else -

Deadites Online Forum Read-Only Backup (30/08/07 to 20/08/08)
- Saved from internet, current forums only go back to 2011 -

Evil Dead Revival Hosted Backup (13/03/09)
- Saved from internet, offline, now a Japanese holding page -

LadiesOfTheEvilDead.com Hosted Backup (11/03/09)
- Saved from internet, went offline, now just 404 not found -

MZonneveld's Evil Dead Collection Hosted Backup (01/08/04)
- Saved from internet, has been offline for some years -

Evil Dead Interactive Hosted Backup (1998 to 2008)
- Courtesy of webmaster Paul Petzrick, been offline for years -

Morsoth's Evil Dead Collection Hosted Backup (03/08/03)
- Courtesy of webmaster Patrick Soucy, been offline for years -

The Essential Ode2Ash Hosted Backup (1997 to 2001)
- Courtesy of webmaster Pete Neises, been offline for years -

WithinTheWoods.co.uk Hosted Backup (13/10/07)
- Saved from internet, went offline, now just holding page -

Misc Web & Forum Pages Hosted Backups (1998 to 2014)
- Saved from internet, navigate within and open the HTML files -

Current Online Website Links

Here is a list of links to other Evil Dead and horror related websites currently online around on the internet. To exchange website links please email us using the link at the bottom of the page. You're welcome to use the link banner below.

Evil Dead Links

Deadites Online
Evil Dead News
Evil Dead The Musical
Evil Dead Fan Club
Hail To The Deadites
The Deadite Slayer
The Knights Of Sumaria
The Evil Dead Cabin
The Evil Dead Chronicles
Within The Woods

Database Entry Website Links

Within The Woods Wikipedia US Entry
The Evil Dead Wikipedia US Entry
Evil Dead II Wikipedia US Entry
Army Of Darkness Wikipedia US Entry

Within The Woods IMDB Entry
The Evil Dead IMDB Entry
Evil Dead II IMDB Entry
Army Of Darkness IMDB Entry

Within The Woods OFDb Entry (German)
The Evil Dead OFDb Entry (German)
Evil Dead II OFDb Entry (German)
Army Of Darkness OFDb Entry (German)

Official Cast & Crew Links

Blood Sweat & Latex - Shannon Shea
Betsy Baker Official Website
Bruce Campbell Online
Cheryl Guttridge (Klam) Official Website
Cheryl Guttridge's Facebook
Ghost House Pictures
Mark Shostrom Official Website
Joseph LoDuca Official Website
Ladies Of The Evil Dead Facebook
Theresa Tilly Official Website
Rick Catizone Official Website
Rob Tapert Online
Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps

General Horror Related Links

Bloody Disgusting
Dread Central
Hayes Hudson's House Of Horror
The Realm of Horror

Merchandising & Collectables

Fright Rags: Horror T-Shirts
The Replica Prop Forum

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