This the online store area of the site, detailing a number of items fans may want to buy. It does not cover standard retail Evil Dead Trilogy collectables, just certain worthy items available to legally buy direct from their creators.

Book Of The Dead - 24 Years Of Evil Dead Projects, A Photobook

This is a personally published book, completed October 17, 2019. It took around two months and a whole lot of painstaking work to compile. It's available to pre-order here via Paypal through this website which you can read about below. Orders will be dispatched after November 30, 2019, when the latest BookOfTheDead.ws competition closes.

Book Of The Dead - 24 Years Of Evil Dead Projects, A Photobook

Here you can buy a self-published A5 size hardback book called Book Of The Dead - 24 Years Of Evil Dead Projects, A Photobook. This book chronicles over twenty-four years of personal Evil Dead related projects; projects where physical items were created and photos taken along the way, along with a catalogue of my personal Evil Dead collection to date.

This book details over sixty projects; from items made in art class at school in 1995, running EvilDeadChainsaws.com over ten years, travelling to The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II filming locations in 2012, making fanfilms, various models and replica items such as the cabin clock, Kandarian Dagger, lantern, and a cabin scale model, as well as authoring various Evil Dead related DVDs, Blu-rays & VHS preservation projects.

Each book is assembled, printed & bound personally, and is limited to a total number of twenty-five copies. It contains nearly 600 photos over 200 full-colour pages. The pages are printed double-sided on 200gsm satin laser printed paper, personally bound as a hardback book with a canvas effect printed cover. Click the photos below to enlarge.
34.99/$46 + 9.99 S&H

All 25 copies have now sold

Please Note: while this book may seem quite expensive, around half the cost is taken up with laser printing, paper and materials costs, and for some locations like the USA & Australia, the one set worldwide postage cost won't cover the entire actual postage costs of the 1kg package. Further, each book takes around 3-4 hours or work over three consecutive evenings to print & bind. This site does not host advertising. All sales go toward new additions & running costs.

The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II 2012 Locations Footage Blu-Ray

This personally shot The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II 2012 locations camcorder footage as detailed on the The Evil Dead - Locations page, Evil Dead II - Locations page, and The Evil Dead Fan Trip Of A Lifetime page. It's available to buy via Paypal through this website on Blu-ray which you can read about below.

Evil Dead Fan Trip Of A Lifetime 4-Disc Blu-Ray Set

Here you can buy both the edited and raw Evil Dead locations footage, as seen on the The Evil Dead Fan Trip Of A Lifetime page. The set also comes with The Evil Dead - A Superfan's Odyssey Documentary, as well as the two teasers & two trailers for the Book Of The Dead Evil Dead fanfilm, all over four discs in 1080p. Click the photos below to enlarge.

Discs 1-3 of the set contain 3h 50m of 1080p raw The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II locations camcorder footage, running in chronological order as shot over three days in December 2012. The locations covered include The Evil Dead's Cabin site, Bluff Road Bridge, Clinch River Road /Riverside Road, & Old Highway 25E all around Morristown Tennessee, and Evil Dead II's Cabin, Production House, Bonsal Ballast Pits, J. R. Faison Junior High School, & Anson County Airport in North Carolina. These discs don't have menus, but have chapter stops for each location visited.

Disc 4 is the 2015 The Evil Dead: A Superfan's Odyssey Blu-ray release, with additions. This includes the edited 49m version of the Locations footage (basically what's shown on this website, with a few extra minutes, start & end credits, chapter stops and subtitle intros), along with the 58m documentary which chronicles my journey as a British Evil Dead superfan. How seeing it changed my life, sparking an interest in making my own short films & experimenting with gore effects, leading me onto a career in film & TV special effects. Opening EvilDeadChainsaws.com & supplying Evil Dead: The Musical, creating BookOfTheDead.ws, making the Evil Dead - The Treasures Collection & Book Of The Dead DVDs, shooting footage at nine of The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II's locations, starting my huge Evil Dead collection, making a number of replica props, re-opening EvilDeadChainsaws.com & supplying Ash Vs Evil Dead, and much more. Lastly there are two teasers and two trailers for the 2016/2017 Book Of The Dead Evil Dead fanfilm.

The discs are region free PAL, written on single layer BD-R discs, and come in a proper 4-way Blu-Ray case, with a cover & disc art. You can order via the Paypal checkout button below.

24.99/$35 + Shipping

Please bear in mind this website does not host advertising. All sales go toward new additions & running costs. This footage was filmed personally in 1080p with a JVC GZHM445 PAL Camcorder. If any companies are interested in licensing this footage, then please get in contact.

Footage Copyright 2013 'BookOfTheDead.ws'. Please do not copy,
redistribute, or upload any part of it without expressed permission.

Please Note: As both the current & previous owners of the Evil Dead II Cabin Site did not wish to be identified or appear in any footage released to the public (for obvious reasons), 14m 16s of the total 4h 03m 38s of video which was shot, has been removed from the raw footage covering the Evil Dead II Cabin Site, Production House, Storage Barn, and The J. R. Faison Junior High School, along with blanking a couple of short portions of audio in the footage that's left too. Most of this is simply unrelated general conversation inadvertently captured by the camera while setting up and packing away at each location. The footage in the three disc DVD set still runs at 3h 49m 22s and is literally as complete as it can be without breaching their confidence.

Super8Shorts.com Super-8 Shorts DVD Sets

In June 2017, Bill Ward got in touch out of the blue, with some screenshots he'd taken from a number of the ten or so Super-8 Shorts he owned on VHS, to be used on this site. He had been intervewed back in May 2015 and said he would send over an new material he turned up. We emailed back and fourth over a few weeks, and together with his good friend Scott Spiegel, we put together a DVD box-set containing eleven shorts for sale to fans.

The set contained Inspector Clutz Saves the Day (1969), Pies & Guys (1971), Corny Casanovas (1971), Piece of Mind (1973), For Crymin' Out Loud (1973), A Night in a Sanitarium (1973), Loose Loot (1973), Three Smart Saps (1973), Three Pests in a Mess (1974), Booby Bartenders (1974), and finally Curse of the Werewolf Teaser (1974). The list of shorts ran at 67m 16s in total, and play in chronological order. Each short came with an optional commentary track recorded by Scotty, along with the YouTube DVD promo, and motion menus. The DVD set was available in both 'Standard' ($30) & 'Deluxe' ($40) versions. They're both the same, although the 'Deluxe' set came with two extra 6" x 4" photos, plus any of the set's elements you request, could be signed by Bill & Scott. below you can see final photos with all the elements of the DVD set, along with the artwork created for this DVD set.

This was the first time these earliest shorts have been publicly seen. The shorts themselves were made up of both footage the group shot themselves, and stock footage they had access to, along with occasional Three Stooges dialogue, stock music & sound effects. Scotty transferred many of the huge number of shorts he owned from Super-8 film to S-VHS tape back in the 1990s, and later on to DVD, when he added/upgraded certain stock shots simply unavailable at the time. That aside, the content of the shorts themselves (including any music) remained untouched. This DVD was pretty much the experience you would have had on viewing these shorts when they were first shown back in the early '70s.

The DVD cover was recycled & modified from the un-used artwork personally created for the Josh Becker's Super 8 Shorts Fanmade DVD back in 2010. The Disc art was created from a scan of an original Cyldon 400ft aluminium 16mm film reel. The 'vintage' style booklet/program was made from scratch, using standard cropped-down A4 paper which was tea stained & dried, printed on, stapled (with pre-rusted staples), then lastly distressed to make it look old. A total of 75 were made, so it was a big undertaking. The introductory notes were written by Bill, and the notes on the transfers and each short, by Scotty. Scotty actually wrote about eight times the volume of notes which could be fitted in the final 8-sided booklet, so much of this extra text has been merged into each shorts' section on the Super-8 Shorts - Full Shorts List page. Scotty's full unedited text can be found on the DVD's computer viewable DVD-ROM folder, along with Bill's raw notes, 132 Super-8 Shorts related behind the scenes, promo & miscellaneous photos, Super-8 Shorts Related Newspapers, Magazines & Text Files, information on the Super-8 Shorts Josh Becker used to sell, the Super-8 Shorts Score Project, and an offline backup of the BookOfTheDead.ws website as of the 13th of July 2017.

In October 2017, a follow-up second two disc DVD set was released. It contained eleven further shorts directed or co-directed by Scotty, along with some of Bruce Campbell's early TV commercials, intercut with vintage 60's, 70's & 80's intros, credits, trailers, adverts & promos picked by Scotty from his extensive VHS, 8, 16, & 35mm collection.

The set contained the following 'featured' items; Half-Wits-Holiday (1974), All The Worlds A Stooge (1974), No Dough Boys (1974), The Singing Nutzs (1974), Ill Never Heil Again (1975), The James Hoffa Story (1975), James Bombed In 'Here Today... Gun Tomorrow' (1976), The Ghoul - Ch.62 Show Segments (1978-1979), Attack Of The Helping Hand! (1979), Compilation Of Shorts Clips (1974-1979), The Blind Waiter (1980), Torro, Torro, Torro! (1981) - Scotty's Edit, Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter - The Producer's Cut (1982), WHYT Radio Snake Commercial (1984), WHYT Radio Puppies Commercial (1984), Breakdancing Stooges (1984), and WNIC Naturally Funny Commercial (1985). The list of 'featured' items ran at 142m 29s alone, but 227m 28s including all the vintage adverts, trailers, promos and such. They play in chronological order. All the shorts have an optional commentary track by Scotty, as does some (but not all) of the additional material.

As fans will want to know specifics, the Attack Of The Helping Hand! transfer here is uncropped, brighter & better quality than featured on the semi-bootleg 2002 German Dragon Films Entertainment Intruder R2 SE PAL DVD, as is Torro, Torro, Torro!; which is also edited differently. Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter is a different edit to Josh Becker's official release, but The Blind Waiter is largely the same, also less cropped. The DVD cover was simply modified a modified version of the previous cover, and the disc art & vintage style booklet were constructed in much the same way as before.

In June 2018, a third DVD set was released, centred around Josh Becker. It contained eleven further shorts directed or co-directed by Josh, along three of Josh's 2013/14 SpineChillers shorts, and two of his feature film trailers.

The set contained the following shorts; Public Enemy Revisited (1971), Additional Footage (1971), Oedipus Rex (1972), Super Student (1972), The Case of the Topanga Pearl (1976), The Final Round (1977), Acting & Reacting (1978), Holding It (1978), The Blind Waiter (1980), Stryker's War (1980), Torro, Torro, Torro! (1981), & Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter (1982), along with three SpineChillers shorts; Sorry I Couldn't Make It... (2013), Are You On Your Way? (2013), Estate Sale (2014), and trailers; Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except Trailer (1985), If I Had a Hammer Trailer (1999). The shorts play in chronological order. This release does not come with a commentary track, nor does it come with a booklet/program. It does however, come with a 'vintage' style flyer and reproduction photos.

Josh had these Super-8 shorts professionally transferred & remastered to DVD at CinePost in Marietta, Georgia (with the exception of Torro, Torro, Torro!,  which is from a VHS source). It's worth noting that the vintage content available on this release is identical to the five DVDs which Josh sold through his website 'BeckerFilms.com', between 2010 - 2016. The DVD authoring has been tweaked, menus added, and given proper packaging, but the actual transfers are the same. Further, the Torro, Torro, Torro!  & Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter transfers here are the original full edits, unlike the shorter versions on DVD2, and the transfer of Stryker's War has it's original musical score, unlike the version included on the 2012 Synapse Films Blu-ray & DVD Combo release of Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except.

These three sets represent the bulk of the shorts which Scotty Spiegel, Bill Ward and/or Josh Becker directed or co-directed themselves, it's unlikely that any further shorts will be released in the immediate short term. That may hopefully change down the line, but for the moment, it will stop at the DVD sets currently available. Of the total sixty-four known Super-8 Shorts, the thirty-three titles released over the three box-sets, consitute the bulk of the titles owned/co-owned by Bill Ward, Scotty Spiegel & Josh Becker. The eleven shorts on box-set 3 constitue the bulk of the titles owned/co-owned by Josh Becker (leaving three of his early shorts unreleased), around eight further unreleased shorts are owned/co-owned by Bruce, Twenty owned/co-owned by Sam, one by John Cameron, and three further Becker shorts remain unreleased. Any further DVD releases would depend on other members of the film making group allowing the shorts they directed/co-directed to be publicly released.

A website was personally designed & set up specifically for this project, and it's the only place you can buy the DVD; Super8Shorts.com. You can also follow the Super8Shorts.com Facebook Page to keep up with the latest updates and new of future releases.

Josh Becker's Super-8 Shorts DVDs

Josh becker used to sell a number of the Super-8 Shorts to which he owns the copyright directly to customers via his website. There were five shorts discs available; disc one had Stryker's War, disc two had The Blind Waiter & Oedipus Rex, disc three had Holding It, disc four had Acting And Reacting & The Final Round, and disc five had Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter, The Case of the Topanga Pearl, Super Student, and Public Enemy Revisited.


Each short had it's original untampered musical score, and all five DVDs came with printed disc artwork (as shown above) in blank paper slipcases. To buy everything cost $60 plus postage, although it was well worth the price with all the profits going directly to the shorts' creator, as well as the fantastic quality of the telecine transfers. Josh would also autograph the discs free of charge if you asked him. Unfortunately in 2016, Josh decided to discontinue selling DVDs though his website, and they remained unavailable to until they were re-released in June 2018 by Super8Shorts.com, as detailed above.

Invaluable DVD

This is a feature length documentary created by film-maker Ryan Meade about special effects creator Tom Sullivan; from his beginnings as a stop-motion Super-8 animator, to his work on The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army Of Darkness and beyond. It features interviews with Bruce Campbell, Scott Spiegel, Josh Becker, Ted Raimi, Rich DeManincor, Betsy Baker, Theresa Seyferth, Ellen Sandwiess, and many others involved.

Invaluable is not available in stores, but it can be purchased directly from Ryan via his Facebook page or the DVD Purchase page. There are three purchase options; $20 for the DVD, $30 for a DVD & poster, and $35 for a DVD & poster signed by both Ryan & Tom. Postage to locations outside the USA will come to a little more though.

A few thoughts; While it is worth the $20 purchase price, there are a number of issues that prevent it from becoming the truly fantastic title it could have been. One big thing that stands out is that so much of the film is drastically over-exposed. This includes the majority of the photos shown, but many of the interviews are over-exposed as well. Further, it does begin to get repetitive towards the end, much of which is just repeating clips from earlier. There are some stylized jump cuts and vintage film overlays, but so many of the interviews just come across as poorly edited rather than artistic, jumping from clip to clip within an interview. Finally, the sections which many die hard fans will find the most interesting were reduced to throw-away shots; looking at all the surviving trilogy props and the locations. The material which was endlessly dwelled upon were the age old anecdotes and material which many fans will have heard before. There wasn't all that much incite into creating any of the effects themselves, how things were done, the materials used, maybe stories that hadn't been told before. A guided talk though Tom's travelling Evil Dead museum would have been a great addition for the fans around the world who have no chance of seeing it in person. Given the level of access Ryan had to both Tom, his original effects, and the locations, this seems like a missed opportunity.

One word of warning; Ryan can be extremely protective over his copyright, he's demanded a number of Evil Dead fansites remove any copyrighted material they used from his DVD, including screenshots & artwork scans, regardless of the purpose for which they were used. That includes the above DVD cover artwork scan on this specific page; a page used to advertise the existence of his DVD to other Evil Dead fans.